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About Our Company - thesimlock.com


Keep Your Family Safe and Secure With the SIMLock

Prevent home invasions, “lock bumping” and in-home burglaries with SIMLock™


About SIMLock™ and B & A Lock Tech Engineering, Inc.


Founded in 2006 by Albert Nokleberg, B & A Lock Tech Engineering, Inc. developed the SIMLock™ to create added peace of mind, help instill a sense of safety and security for users and also be part of a socially responsible company employing local people to manufacture, package and market his "Unpickable Lock". The SIMLock™ is an easy-to-install device that installs to an existing residential door deadbolt and prevents unwanted intruders from entering your home through a door when the SIMLock™ is engaged.







Why was the SIMLock Invented? Albert Nokelburg has the same concerns of any husband and father about home security. How can you be sure your family is safe? A horrifying story on the evening news brought this question to the forefront of Albert's mind and he couldn't let it go. The story was that of a woman murdered in her home by an estranged boyfriend. The man still had a key to her house and entered her home through the front door.

Albert thought of his own teenage daughter, just a few short years from going to college on her own. "I wanted to make sure when she lived on her own that she would be safe...too many people have duplicate keys in rental housing and can easily get in, this concerned me. I also wanted to give her and other younger women an added peace of mind."

How can you be sure a deadbolt is enough to protect you when you're home? What about spare keys? Or would-be criminals who know how to pick a lock in a mere 10 seconds or use new technology to "bump" the lock in less than 5.

Rather than just wonder, Albert developed the SIMLock...The Unpickable Lock

"I want to provide added peace of mind for people" says Inventor Albert Nokleberg. "The SIMLock is an easy wasy to prevent the worst of crimes-one that violates our personal space and the safety a home should proved." When the SIMLock is engaged, the deadbolt cannot be picked or opened by a locksmith, house key or bump key. The SIMLock can be engaged from the inside of the house only, preventing accidental lockouts. When used together with other smart precautions your loved ones and family will be safer when at home.

"Hundreds of videos can be downloaded on popular internet sites that demonstrate lock picking techniques", says Nokleberg. "People may underestimate their risk when home alone based on the knowledge that others can attain. Albert concludes, "I want people to not be fearful, but feel safe and secure while at home. This is the reason I invented the SIMLock...with Safety In Mind."





 The SIMLock is one Big Step that can help us make our homes that much safer.


 The SIMLock is Safe, Affordable and Effective.


 The SIMLock™ was developed as a means to provide peace of mind and a greater level of personal security for people-especially women, older adults or individuals who spend a lot of time at home.


Purchase a SIMLock Today and support woman's organizations and our local economy.


The SIMLock is manufactured and packaged entirely in the State of Oregon, supporting local business and people.


10 % of our profits are donated to various programs for woman. We also donate SIMLocks to people in need.


 There are many additional ways to help with home and personal safety. Our company devotes essential time to discuss these in our website articles & tips. Please continue to browse our website for important information.







Contact Our Company

Owner/Inventor - Albert Nokleberg - B & A Lock Tech Engineering, Inc 

Phone - 541-206-7517

Mail - PO Box 2489, Eugene, OR 97402

Email -  thesimlock@comcast.net

  • Please contact us with any questions about our company.

  • If you are interested in wholesale pricing or have a special request for woman's organizations, please contact us to discuss the various options.


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