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About the SIMLock - The Unpickable Lock

What is the SIMLock?

TheSIMLock is an Unpickable Lock.The SIMLock installs as a secondary lock on a current deadbolt. With just a quick turn, the SIMLock prevents entry into your home through the door.

The SIMLock prevents Intruders from unbolting your door. Unauthorized keys or duplicate keys, locksmith tools or a bump key do not work when the SIMLock is engaged.

The SIMLock Works ! Here is what one customer wrote...
"Several men attempted to break into my home. I believe to this day that the SIMLock saved my life. I would not be in a home without a SIMLock on each of my doors...I can sleep knowing I am secure...Thank you Albert" - Susan M, California


The SIMLock is Affordable & Effective.
We invented our affordable and easy-to-install device so that you could be safer...one small step towards our fight against violence, forcible entry, burglary and domestic abuse.


Prevent home invasions, forcible entries, "lock bumping" and in-home burglaries with the SIMLock


Your home should be your sanctuary, offering protection within its walls...but according to statistics:


- One woman is assaulted every two minutes

- 4 out of 10 assaults take place in the victim's home

- More than 14 percent of burglaries occur when the victims are in the house

- 60% of home burglaries involved forcible entry, this includes use of unauthorized keys

- 64% of American homeowners have knowlingly circulated their house keys outside their immediate family.


How can we bring these statistics down and make our homes safe? SIMLock is one step that can help.

The SIMLock™ allows the user to engage a secondary lock with the ease of flipping a switch, keeping unwanted intruders out. Installed on the deadbolt, SIMLock prevents forcible entry – whether through an unauthorized key duplicate, lock picking or the dangerous “lock bumping” trend.

The SIMLock offers added peace of mind and a greater sense of security in the one place that you need it most – your home.

Keep Your Family Safe and Secure With the SIMLock - Safety In Mind

Please continue to browse our Website for more Info on the SIMLock and for additional helpful articles on safety, woman's issues and other important topics.



The SIMLock is a home safety device that can be easily installed on any regular deadbolt.*

The SIMLock, made from zinc, is manufactured entirely in the United States. When engaged, the lock sits against the deadbolt lever preventing it from moving to the ‘unlocked’ position. When the SIMLock is engaged, the deadbolt cannot be picked by a locksmith, house key, unauthorized key duplicate or bump key.


Easy-to-Install - Installs in Minutes -you need only the SIMLock, the screw and spacer included with the packaging and a Phillips screwdriver.

To Lock -
(see photo above)
1. Secure deadbolt in a vertical "lock" position.

2. Spin the SIMLock clockwise until it rests against the deadbolt.Then slide the SIMLock down into a locking position over the screw.

 *The SIMLock works on approximately 80% of deadbolt locks.
Check that your deadbolt mounting screws are in a horizontal position.


Need some more info on how to Install the SIMLock?  View our Easy Installation Instructions with Photos


View our YouTube Instructional Video for more information on how to Install the Simlock



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