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Featured Article - 9 Essential Security Tips for the Home


Most break-ins are crimes of opportunity. Taking some simple precautions will make your home and your family less vulnerable. Following these basic safety tips and using tools, like the SIMLock™, you can reduce the risk of break-ins or home invasions.

1. Use your peephole.
Verify the identity of a visitor before opening the door.

2. Maximize line of sight.
Prune bushes and keep a tidy porch so as to keep the line of
sight to the front door clear from the street.

3. Trim the vegetation.
Prune lower branches of trees near your house – don’t offer
a burglar means to gain access to a second story window.

4. Trade in second-hand locks.
Have the locks changed when moving into a new residence.

5. Protect your spares.
Do not hide spare keys outside your home.

6. Keep doors and windows locked.
Install SIMLocks™ on deadbolts and impact-resistant glass to windows.

7. Be findable.
Mark your belongings with an engraving pen so they can be
traced and returned if they are stolen.

8. Look like you’re home.
By making your home look occupied even when it’s not
deters would-be burglars.

  • Use automatic timers on lights when away from home or on vacation.
  • Put a temporary stop on mail when on vacation. Mail piling up means no one is home.
  • Place radios on automatic timers and raise the volume so they can be heard outside. 
  • Lower the sound of your telephone ringer and answering machine so that they can’t be heard outside.
  • Never leave notes on your door telling people you’re away.
  • Always park your cars in the garage with the garage door shut.
  • Close curtains and blinds, even covering the garage windows to hide belongings.

9. Use good judgment.
Common sense is your best weapon against home invasion.

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